Bear Steak

There are all sorts of exotic things one can eat in Finland… Reindeer, fried herring, lignin berries and or course – bear. Now, I never really knew people ate bear but when presented the opportunity to have some at one of Helsinki’s finest restaurants how could I say no.

So this past Saturday Christen and I went into town to eat at Saslik, an old Russian restaurant that has become one the the Helsinki’s cooking institutions (and despite the fact that Finns don’t eat out much, there are some halfway decent places to eat here).

Saslik itself is often described in guide books as a step back in time to Tsarist era Russia.. and that’s pretty mush what we found inside. Velvet walls, overstuffed chairs, oil paintings of the old Royal family on the wall, accordion players and of course – lots of Vodka.

The bear steak wasn’t cheap. 80 Euro. But I figure this was pretty much a once in a life-time thing so I indulged (though I held off on the caviar). Bear meat was very, very gamey. It had a real strong taste I am not sure I liked very much.. But – over all the food was excellent. Christen really liked her chicken Kiev.. and the side dishes were good.

So there you go. Bear at a Russian restaurant in Helsinki. The photos below are a little dark – but it should give you an idea.



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