There’s no denying that Helsinki in November is a dismal place weather-wise, but it’s hard to argue with the beauty of it’s architecture and atmosphere. The countries closeness to Russia is truly apparent in it’s ornate buildings, wide streets and exotic feel. The orange roofs and domes can fool you into thinking that you’re in St.Petersburg. I remarked to several people that Helsinki reminds me of the film Dr. Zhivago and so it does because it was filmed here.

Where are all the people you ask? They are all inside the cafes drinking gloggi and eating pastries with the heat turned up to max. After we took these photos we visited the beautiful little place on the esplanadi in the photos and video. It’s lovely to open a door and have a blast of hot air hit you in the face, smell cinnamon buns cooking and order a mug of steaming hot red wine with a lit candle at the table. It instantly cheered me up.


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