Hi – We are Christen, Brad and Hans, and we’ve just moved to Finland! Yeah.. We set up this blog so that we could share our experience as we discover this new country with all our friends and family back home.

Expect regular updates from Christen and Brad.. We’re not sure about Hans yet. We talked about it a little, though he is concerned that he might gum up our keyboard with drool. That and it’s tough for him to use the track pad.

Q: But why “Inform Yourself” are you being rude? Implying that I don’t already know enough about Finland or Brad and Christen – or that I even care?

A: Well, we’ll assume if you’ve gotten this far, you actually care to follow our little adventure. The whole inform yourself thing is a little Nokiaisum.. I’m not sure if it’s just Nokia or has something to do with the very egalitarian / socialist society that Finns have built – but much at Nokia is “Inform Yourself” i.e., self service.. read this to learn more.. etc. Many times a day at Nokia, I am encouraged to “Inform Myself” on this that or the other. That and WTF (you know, Welcome To Finland) was already taken.

So.. Brad, Christen, and Hans in Finland. Inform Yourself!


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