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Sony Ericsson Spy Boat

Every winter this tug moors outside our Nokia Headquarters building.. My colleagues joke that it is the Sony Ericsson spy boat.



Happy Christmas


Mr. Rooster

Today (December 21st) is the shortest day of the year! Christen and I are are really excited about this, as it means we will now be getting more light, at least a little more everyday. The past couple months have been dark. While it’s been fun to experience the little light we do get between 10 am and 3 pm – we have had enough now and want our sunlight back.

The Finns have a saying that translates into something like “the rooster gets one steep closer everyday”.. We welcome him with open arms.

Turku Christmas Market

Last stop on our three city Christmas market tour.. Turku. About two hours drive from Helsinki, Turku used to be Finland’s capital city until the Ruskies decided to move it eastwards and closer to mother Russia. Turku today, is a nice little university town with a great Christmas market..

Helsinki Christmas Market

We didn’t have to travel too far for this one, stop two on our three city tour -Helsinki and our own local Christmas market. Nice cold day, and we even had a little sun! The market wasn’t too great, but it was fun to be in down town. Hans even got to meet Santa (apparently he asked for doggy bones).

Tallinn Christmas Market

Only an hour and a half by ferry ride form Helsinki, Tallinn is right around the corner. Renowned for it’s medieval town center… what better place to have a Christmas market. This is the first stop on our three city Christmas tour 2008. Next stop, Helsinki.

A visit from Veira